Useful Information

As part of our commitment to safeguarding, all staff are trained to be alert to certain warning signs that may indicate a child is experiencing mental health or emotional wellbeing issues.  Please click here for further information.

Studies have shown that children experiencing certain risk factors are more likely to have mental health difficulties. Please click here for further information.

Should you have any concerns about a child or wish to discuss anything further please see Mrs Nelson, our designated Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead.


Useful Websites

Families Under Pressure | Maudsley Charity

This is a fantastic website from Maudsley, in conjunction with the NHS.  It provides advice for parents on many difficult aspects of raising children, not just those with mental health concerns. 

Trafford Directory 

This link will take you straight to a list of outside agencies who offer support in specific areas such as emotional and mental health issues, anxiety and bereavement.  It lists agencies that support whole families as well as individual children. 


Mental Health Foundation