Welcome to Reception

We are very excited to welcome you all into our school community and we cannot wait to meet you all. Until then here is some information about your new teachers, your classroom and what Reception will be like when you begin school


We will be arranging 1:1 meetings via Microsoft Teams to discuss your child's transition to Reception. If you wish to arrange a meeting then please email the class teachers: 

Mrs Taylor: Reception2@stannsrcprimary.co.uk

Miss Willows: Reception1@stannsrcprimary.co.uk



                                          Mrs L.Taylor (EYFS Co-ordinator)                                                            Miss F.Willows 

                                                            Reception 2                                                                                                       Reception 1


EYFS Transition Booklet

Reception Class Teachers

Reception Classroom





                                 Reception 2 Carpet area                                     Reception 1 Carpet area