What is E-Safety?

Simply - keeping safe when online and using technology.

There are three main areas of risk



Children being exposed to harmful, illegal or inappropriate material.

Examples such as  inappropriate images, ignoring age ratings on games, films. The list could go on.....



Children being subjected to harmful online interaction with others.

Examples such as,  forms of cyber-bullying online through social media sites, email. Identity theft. The list could go on.....



How children behave and interact themselves.

Keeping their own information secure, being responsible for their own health and well-being(not spending excessive time online or gaming), The list could go on.....

At St Anns RC Primary School we aim to educate our children and empower them to ensure they stay safe and behave appropriately when online. Here are some resources and guidance to provide more information on ways parents and carers can help to keep children safe.

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