16 Oct 2017

Year 1 parents and grandparents were invited to our coffee morning to help the children in their "Changes in Living Memory" topic.

We sorted pictures into different eras and the adults helped the children put the pictures into the correct years.

The children also had the opportunity to play with a range of traditional toys and see the differences between what their parent's and grandparent's played with as children compared to what they play with now.

The adults shared stories about their childhood with the children.  This is what we found out.

TVs in the past did not have many channels

In the past peopole did not have mobile phones

In the past people did not have laptops

Lots of the toys they played with in the past were different to our toys that we have today

In the past they did not have Ipads

Schools in the past were very different to our school now.  They used chalk boards instead of interactive whiteboards

We looked at an old camera and noticed that it was very different to the cameras we have today

Photographs in the past were black and whilte


Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who participated in this exciting topic.  The children learned a lot!


We raised £82.62 for Macmillan Cancer Research selling tea/ coffee and cakes.  Again, Thank you!