17 Sep 2021

We held our first Golden Assembly in such a long time and it was nice to get the children together to celebrate their greatness!

Well done to the following children -

Class 5 - Isaac - for settling into our school so well

Class 5 - Gracie - for settling in well to Year 3

Class 6 - Azaan - for settling into our school so well

Class 6 - Rosie - for always doing her best and working hard

Class 7 - Jedidah - for being enthusiastic and always working hard

Class 7 - Kyle - for always answering questions during reading time

Class 8 - Dylan for having a great attitude to learning

Class 8 - Jia for setting a great example in all lessons

Class 9 - John-Joe - for showing a great attitude to work

Class 9 - Freddie - for giving 100% effort in all his work

Class 10 - Robyn for starting Year 5 with a positive and mature attitude

Class 10 - Jessica - for her excellent, emotive diary entry 

Class 11 - Louie - for his fantastic attitude towards his artwork

Class 11 - Leroy - for a fantastic attitude towards his learning

Class 12 - Raeesha - for displaying excellent behaviour and the highest standard of work

Class 12 - Yuvraj - for a grown up, mature start to Year 6

TA - Mrs McDermott - Sammy for his fabulous artwork, Kornelius for his enthusiasm and participation in every subject

TA - Mrs Maciejewska - Michael for trying hard in all lessons, Alex for good behaviour and trying hard

TA - Mrs Littlewood - Millie, George and Frankie for a fantastic start in Y6

TA - Mrs Lavin - Bilal for an excellent start to the year, Natalia for producing a lovely piece of work 

TA - Mrs Grogan - Michael  - for making an amazing start to the year, Daniel for staying on task



Fionn, Stella, Caolan, Dylan, Mysha, Holly, Jessica, Roman, Ava, Alishba, Emily, Mariyah, Aleena, Bailey-Rae, Caoimhe