6 Sep 2020

Dear Parents,

After observing our procedure for drop off and pick up, as well as listening to feedback from parents, we feel that it is necessary to make some changes to improve the efficiency of this process and to ensure the safety of our children, their families, our staff and the wider community.

Nursery children will continue to follow the procedures given using their own gate for drop off and pick up.

To alleviate congestion on the roads we would like to invite parents into the school grounds when dropping off and picking up their child. In order to reduce the number of parents and carers at any one time, we wish to continue with only one parent/carer from each family entering the site.

So that parents with more than one child can lessen their time during pick up and drop off, we have changed our start and finish times. Instead of the times being set according to year groups we have set according to the surname of your child.

The table below shows the start and finish times.

Children with surnames beginning with:

Start time

Finish Time

A – G



H – O



P – Z




Entrance and Exit points

Parents are required to enter the school through the correct gate for their youngest child. In doing this, they will be able to follow a one-way system in order to drop off all children within their family. A separate gate will be used when exiting the school. Staff will be on hand to guide you.

Please use the following gates:

Reception, Year 1 & 2

Main entrance on Derbyshire Lane

Year 3, 4, 5 & 6

Entrance on Delamere Avenue

*Once again, Nursery children will use their own Nursery gate for entering and exiting the school.


One-way system on site

It is important for parents to follow the one-way system when entering and exiting the school site. Staff will be on hand to direct families around the school accordingly.


Start of day

Children will be welcomed into the school buildings at the times stated above using the following entrances:

Year group

Location of entrance to school building

Reception children

Main Office

Year 1 children

Year 1 door located on the Infant playground

Year 2 children

Infant Hall door located on Infant playground

Year 3 children

Year 3/4 door located on the Junior playground

Year 4 children

Individual classroom doors from the Junior playground

Year 5 children

Y5/6 door located on the Junior playground

Year 6 children

Individual classroom doors


End of day

Parents are required to follow the one-way system around the school to collect their child/children (youngest child first). Once again we would like to ask that parents/carers keep the time spent on the school site to a minimum in order to keep our children, families and staff safe.

We appreciate your patience and support in trying to create a procedure which is safe for the children, their families and our staff. We also believe this will alleviate problems for the local community. We understand that there are lots of different family circumstances, if, for any reason, you can not stick to the allocated time, please contact us.

Your sincerely,

Mr J. O’Brien