15 Jul 2019


We held our annual Key Stage 2 poetry competition for the Jack M.G. poetry award.

We had an amazing response and it was difficult for the teachers to chose just one from each class.

It was an even harder job for Mr & Mrs Matela Griffiths to come up with a winner.

In the end the winner was Jack R (Class 12)

The two runners up were Isabella H (Class 12) and Frankie F (Class 5)

Here is a list of all the finalists, well done!

Phoebe I  (C12)

Isabella H  (C12)

Lily L   (C7)

Frankie F   (C5)

Antonina P  (C11)

Joe D  (C8)

Caoimhe C  (C6)

Jack R  (C12)

Michal K  (C10)

Amy Y  (C9)

Yashvi M  (C11)


Each of the finalists won 50 House Points. The  two runners up won a poetry book and 100 House Points each and Jack won a poetry book, 200 House Points and his name was engraved on our trophy.

Well done to everyone, the teachers are very proud.

The entrants were so good that Mrs Noctor wants to put together a Friendship poetry book which would include their entries.