24 May 2019

Today (Friday 24th May 2019), four lucky children were presented with special prizes for their winning Mary competition entries.  The Prayer Leaders had the difficult decision of judging the competition from over 100 entries, from across the school. 


The winning children for each category were:

EYFS Anna (R1)

KS1 Ethan (C2)

LKS2 Jack (C5)

UKS2 Emilie (C10)


All of the entries were of an exceptional standard – well done to all who entered.  The winning entries are on display in St. Ann’s Church.  The rest of the entries will be displayed in school, after the half term break.


The children won a blessed set of Rosary beads, a prayer booklet and a special prayer card with the words of the Hail Mary on it.


Father Ged presented the children with their prizes during our Pentecost Mass.


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