18 Oct 2019

  18 October 2019, 9.30am – 10.30am

The children in Year 1 are learning about how things have changed over time in their History topic, ‘Changes within living memory’. As part of this topic, we would like them to have the opportunity to interview a parent and grandparent so that they can learn about how things have changed through different generations.


In order to give the children the opportunity to ask parents and grandparents some questions, we have arranged a coffee morning which will take place on Friday 18th October. The coffee morning will start at 9.30am and will last approximately 45 minutes, during which time the children will be able to ask questions and listen to stories about the lives of parents and grandparents.


If you or a grandparent are able to come, please indicate below and return it to your child’s class teacher by Friday 11th October so that we can make necessary arrangements. Parents and grandparents who are able to come into school for this session are more than welcome to bring photographs or items to show the children.