Year 5


Autumn Term

In RE this term we will study two topics; Gifts from God (Creation)  and the Ten Commandments.  Both classes will visit Church for their annual visit.  We will begin the term by planning a very special memorial Mass for one of our much loved and missed class mates, Jack.  

In Maths, we will develop our calculation skills and work with bigger numbers than the children in Year 4.  We will look at ordering numbers, up to 6 digits and we will learn how to order fractions with different demoninators.  

In our Literacy, we will be spending longer planning and editing our writing as well as developing our grammar and comprehension skills.

Science will spark lots of excitement this term as we begin the year learnnig about Earth and Space and then we will learn about properties of materials.

We will spend lotso f time creating beautiful masterpieces for our annual Art Exhibition. 

In our Topic lessons, we will learn about the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England and then move onto "Time Zones".  In this topic, we will learn all about the world including longitude, latitude, the poles and locating places on the surfaces of the Earth.



Help and Advice

Please ensure your child is learning their class spelling for the weekly tests (Friday)

Reading books should be changed at least once a week

Times tables and division facts MUST be practised. They are vital in supporting children in many areas of their Maths

Please ensure homework is handed in every Wednesday (unless stated by the class teacher).  If homework is not handed in three times in a half term, a detention will be issued


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