Year 4


Spring Term

This term the children in Year 4 will each be doing their own class assemblies.  Our focus in Religion will be "Jesus, the teacher" and "Jesus, The Saviour".  We will be learning more about how Jesus was born a Jew and how he is truly human and truly God.

In Geography we will be learning about volcanoes and earthquakes.  The children will gain an understanding of these natural phenomenon, including what causes them and much more.

Our topic in Science this term is electricity.  Within this topic the children will be carrying out numerous investigations involving a variety of materials.  They will develop their skills in carrying out practical investigations, planning fair tests as well as making sensible predictions for the outcome of each investigation.

In the Art lessons we will be looking to improve our drawing skills.  

We look forward to learning about programming and creating our own simple animations as we do our ICT topic from iCompute.


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