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In a Catholic school, R.E. is at the core of the curriculum.  Here at St. Ann's R.E. permeates every aspect of our school life.  You can find our R.E. policy and Prayer and Collective Worship policy here.

In this section of the website, you will find lots of information about the Religious Life of our school, including dates for school masses, class assemblies and feast days alongside lots of other exciting news.  

You will also be able to find out about our Prayer Leaders on this page, we will also publish details of any special events or home link activities such as our travelling hearts (through Advent), our travelling crosses (through Lent) and a class set of Rosary beads (throughout the months of October and May).

Our R.E. Curriculum

Here at St. Ann's, the scheme we teach from covers the R.E. curriculum directory.  Each half term, the children begin a new R.E. topic which is appropriate for the time of the church's year.  Click here to see the overview for The Way, The Truth and the Life to find out which topic your child will be covering in each half term.

At the start of each half term, each year group take an aspect from the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church document and base one of their lessons on the teachings.  The overview of this can be found here.

Assessment in R.E. is currently being updated by Salford Diocese.  There is a new framework which will become compulsory from September 2019.  Currently, teachers use on going assessments of the children's written work, art work, drama and spoken responses to assess their knowledge and understanding in R.E.  Further updates will be given over time.

Important dates for your diary this half term



Travelling Crosses - A Lenten home link activity


Throughout Lent, the children will have the opportunity to bring home the Travelling Cross for their class.  This is an opportunity to spend some time, as a family, reflecting on Lent and thinking about making a Lenten promise.  Many children decide to give something up during Lent and some children pledge to do something extra.  The Travelling Cross is a small wooden holding cross, designed to fit in the palm of your hand and hold during prayer.  The pack also contains an LED tea light candle which may be used as a focal point for reflection.  There is also a booklet containing Lenten prayers and reflections.  The word search in the pack can be kept by your child but please ensure the other items are returned the following day, to your child's class teacher so that other families can benefit from this project.  This is a similar project to the Travelling Hearts which were available during Advent.


Prayer Leaders

We have a very active team of Prayer Leaders who support all our children in Prayer and Worship.  

Please look out for their profiles and find out who they are.

Our Prayer Leaders are also involved in the planning and delivery of our KS2 weekly Prayer Assemblies.

Do you ever find you want a break from the hustle and bustle of busy school life?  Maybe you feel you want some space to think and reflect without the distractions of the playground.  

Do you have special prayer intentions?

The Prayer Leaders are here to help.  Why not come along to our weekly Prayer Meeting?  Initially, we will be running these for KS2 children on a TUESDAY break time in the reading room (next to the Y5 classrooms) offering you an opportunity to have space to think, reflect and pray with the Prayer Leaders.



Prayer Garden

With special thanks to the Friends of St Ann's and school fund for providing contributions which have enabled us to complete our beautiful Prayer Garden.  The Prayer Garden has recently been completed with the addition of our stunning statue, Our Lady.  The statue stands proudly in the garden and gives a real focal point for thoughtful prayer and reflection.  If visiting the Prayer Garden before or after school, please remember it is a sacred space and should be treated with respect.  Please avoid standing on the benches, seats and cross planter but feel free to take a seat, make yourself comfy and consider the beauty of God's wonderful world.


Hope in the Future

We are working closely with the Parish to foster our links between School and Church.  This initiative was launched for schools by Bishop John Arnold on Tuesday 26th June 2018 when Mrs McGarry received our San Damiano cross.  This is on display in school, for all to enjoy.  For more information, please visit the Salford Diocese website.

You can also click here to find out more about developing a missionary parish and to read about the five stage programme.

There is a Hope in the Future Team currently up and running within the Parish and in order to further connect school and Parish, Mrs McGarry will join the team as the link with school.


Religious Life of St Ann's - our Termly Newsletters


Wednesday Word

Please click here to access the Wednesday Word website.  It is very informative and family friendly.