Spring Term

In "Understanding of the World" we will begin the term by learning all about the season of Winter.  We will share the book "A Little Bit of Winter" by Paul Stewart and we will use all of our senses to help us explore the topic.  To help us in our learning we will create lots of winter themed artwork.

In the second half term we will receive a delivery of chicken eggs.  We will be able to observe the hatching eggs and teh baby chicks as they develop and grow.

We will learn all about the celebration of the Chinese New Year to help us in our knowledge and understanding of "People and Communities."  In this area of learning we wil also cover the topic of "People who Help Us" and we will learn about a variety of occupations such as firefighters, doctors and the police.

In Religion we will be learning about the life of Jesus by listening to some stories from the Bible.  We will learn about some of the miracles that Jesus performed and to help us in our learning we will act out some of the stories.  In the second half term we will be learning about Lent and getting ready for Easter.  We will think about the ways in which we can help our family at thome and we will make special Lenten promises.


Help and advice

Phonics - you can help your child to "tune" in to the different sounds in words by singing lots of Nursery rhymes, reading rhyme stories and playing games such as "I Spy with my little eye."

Mathematics - try to incorporate counting into everyday life as much as you can e.g. counting coins, counting out cutlery at mealtimes, counting steps etc.

Fine motor skills - activities such as baking, threading beads, using scissors and gluing and sticking can help develop fine motor skills.  Encourage your child to sue their "pincer grip" when they are using pens and pencils.

Pencil grips are available from the Class Teacher (£1 for a pencil grip and pencil).


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