18 March 2020

This term Year 4 have covered a variety of topics in all subject areas, enjoying a creative curriculum and producing some fantastic work. This term saw the end of Class 8's swimming lessons and the beginning of Class 7's. 


This term has seen us cover a variety of grammar, punctuation and spellings. We have looked at the correct use of speech marks in dialogue, understanding where they are inserted and what punctuation is used alongside them. The children have also looked at the use of similes to add details to their writing and have also looked at the use of possessive apostrophes. The children have also had the joys of World Book Day and Shakespeare Week within this term and produced some fantastic work during both of these events.


The children have covered a range of maths skills. We have covered in detail the eleven and twelve times tables and have revised 1-10 times tables, as well as formal, up to four digit by one digit multiplication. We have also looked at formal division including remainders. In measurement we have studied area, where we have counted squares and compared the areas of rectilinear shapes. In fractions we have studied equivalent fractions in detail, as well as fractions greater than one. We have also counted in fractions, added two or more fractions and subtracted two or more fractions. We have also counted in hundredths and tenths and calculated fractions of amounts.Our next topic will be decimals.

History and Geography

In History the children have enjoyed studying all about the Ancient Greeks. Within this topic the children have looked at various legacies left by the Greeks, with their main objective being a piece of writing detailing what they believe to be the most important of the legacies. The children also had the opportunity to taste traditional Greek food within our D&T sessions, as well as making their own Tzatziki and Houmous. 

In Geography we have been looking at Volcanoes and Earthquakes, a topic which has really captured the children's imaginations. We have looked at the structure of the Earth and the formation of Volcanoes. We have also looked at how Earthquakes occur and why. The children have carried out independent research on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii.


In Science we have covered Living things and their habitats. This has seen us classifying living things, creating classification keys, leading into work and discussion about deforestation. We then moved on to looking at Animals including Humans; this has seen us look at the human digestive system and creating an animal food web. The children have been exposed to vocabulary such as predator, consumer, prey and producer. We will be moving on to look at the structure of a tooth and the functions of the different types of teeth.


This term, Art has seen us creating fantastic model volcanoes. To do this, the children looked at using a variety of different materials such as Modroc, paper mache and card. The children were able to experiment with these materials and choose their favourite to build their own model volcano. Once built the children revisited their painting skills, to decorate their models.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury