29 April 2019

Nursery – Spring 2

In English we had two very special weeks. Our first special week was to celebrate World Book Day which was on the 7th March. We read a fabulous book called “Lizzie and the Birds” by the authors Dawn and Mick Robertson. We really enjoyed looking at the lovely illustrations in the book and had lots of fun deciding which bird character we would like to dress up as. On World Book Day we all came in to school dressed up as one of the characters in the story. The classroom was full of “Rainbow Birds”, “Lucky Duckies” and “Wizzlings” – there were feathers everywhere! We loved the story and created some fabulous drawings and collages of the bird characters.

The following week was Shakespeare Week and we were able to dress up again! We learnt that William Shakespeare was a playright and that he wrote lots of plays including “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We enjoyed learning about some of the different characters in the play and we even had a little stage in the classroom where we could pretend to be actors. We enjoyed watching some of the CBeebies production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and talked about our favourite characters in the play. To remind us of the story we each made a magic flower wand.

We were very excited to notice our daffodil bulbs beginning to grow in our outdoor area. We had each planted a bulb in the autumn term and had almost forgotten about them! We learnt that we needed to look after the daffodils by giving them lots of water. We drew beautiful pictures of the spring flowers for our lovely Mother’s Day cards. We learnt that the daffodils were a sign of spring and that spring is a time of New Life.  Our role play area became a woodland area where we could pretend to be explorers spotting all the beautiful birds in the woods.

In Maths we loved learning numbers with the Number Blocks. We had lots of fun pretending that our Unifix cubes were Number Blocks and some of us even started to find out how to make new numbers by putting the blocks together. Our “Number of the Week” homework has really helped us to remember our numerals.

In RE we started getting ready for Easter. We were given a special homework – to make a special promise for Lent to show our love for Jesus. We learnt that the last day before Lent is called Shrove Tuesday – a day that people traditionally make pancakes. We helped our teachers make pancake batter and then we each ate a delicious pancake.

We also learnt that God wants us all to be happy and we talked about the things that make us happy in Nursery. We discussed our friendships in Nursery and thought about all the lovely things we can do for our friends to help them to be happy. We also listened to the story “I’m Sorry” by Sam McBratney and learnt that it is very important to say sorry if we hurt or are unkind to our friends.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury