25 April 2019

We hope you all had a lovely half term and it’s been great to see the children back ready for their final term in Year 4. Class 7 will be continuing their weekly swimming lessons on a Monday morning, could you please ensure that all children have their full swimming kit with them.

In Maths lessons, the children have been focusing on decimals and fractions covering various objectives. They looked at equivalent fractions in great detail and began to find fractions of quantities. The children have been introduced to tenths and hundredths, as well as learning how to write decimal numbers as fractions. This term will see a continuation of work on decimal numbers as well as introducing money, time, statistics and properties of shapes. As always, we ask that the children are regularly practicing their times tables and regularly logging on to Times Tables Rockstars.

In English, the children have been focusing on punctuating speech and working on fronted adverbials; we hope to start seeing these skills being applied within our writing lessons. We will be changing our focus book to Iron Man this half term and the children will be writing an extended piece of writing based on this text. We will also continue our weekly grammar lessons, revisiting some old skills to ensure the retention of knowledge as well as introducing new grammar.

Within our Religion lessons, children have been looking at The Easter Story in detail and have produced an informative leaflet, describing the events that took place that week. We will be moving on to a new focus entitled Mission of the Church, where the children will learn the roles and responsibilities of many of the Disciples as well as those of the Church today.

Last half term saw the end of our work on habitats and saw the start of our work on Animals Teeth including humans. The children looked at the human mouth and its various types of teeth. They learnt the names of each teeth and the role each tooth plays. This term sees us move on to the science of sound and what causes sound to reach our ears. We hope the children enjoy this Science topic as much as they did the last!

Towards the end of last half term our work in Geography saw us come to the end of Volcanoes and Earthquakes. This half term we will focus on contrasting countries; our focus being the United Kingdom and France. The children will look at famous landmarks and buildings, food, school and many more facts about each country, producing an informative leaflet at the end of our research.

In P.E the children enjoyed learning about the game of tennis. They learnt the techniques behind each differing shot, how to generate power, the grip of the racket and also enjoyed playing many games within their lessons. This half term the children will be focusing on athletics, learning various skills in preparation for this year’s sports day.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury