17 April 2019

This half term has been very enjoyable as we have had World Book Day where we read and were inspired by Lizzie and the Birds and we also celebrated Shakespeare Week.

As a year group we studied Macbeth and linking it with the Buster character from Lizzie and the Birds, we wrote our own spells in the style of William Shakespeare. We loved working collaboratively with our friends to create the most disgusting spells we could think of. We spent some time researching Shakespeare in preparation for the school University Challenge. There was stiff competition to earn a place as team captain but Orla, Jack R and Luke rose to the challenge and did year 6 very proud. We produced some excellent writing in the form of a newspaper article all about the death of King Duncan and some children posed the question: Macbeth – Monarch or Monster?

Our class novel was Room 13 by Robert Swindells, which was a spooky mystery story.

We have begun to prepare for our SATs by covering a variety of topics in Maths including revising topics such as coordinates, area and perimeter, and fractions. We enjoyed dressing up for our rock star pictures and it has rekindled our enthusiasm for Timestables Rockstar.

We have been linking Maths and Science together, looking at how to draw line graphs and interpret the data. We spent a lot of time drawing the graphs, recognising the importance of accuracy and presentation.

In RE we created some artwork for a whole school Stations of the Cross display. We have also explored how the Last Supper is remembered and represented in various art forms. We were fascinated by the symbolism hidden within the artwork. Year 6 led a Lenten Mass in which we acted out the story of the Prodigal Son.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury