17 April 2019



At the start of the half term, we looked at the features of persuasive writing and wrote about deforestation.  This was researched, then debated in classes before we began to write.  As a whole school, our World Book Day theme was ‘Lizzie and the Birds’ – we read the book and discussed the themes present in the story.  For World Book Day, we all made special efforts and dressed as one of the characters from the book – including our teachers and teaching assistants!  Linked to this, we planned and wrote the spell which we imagined Whizzling used to stop Buster the Cat trying to eat the birds.  We thought carefully about rhyming couplets and ‘spell’ type language.  During Shakespeare week, we read a number of his plays in story form.  As a year group, we studied Romeo and Juliet before moving on to link our English (writing) to our topic on the Victorians.  We researched this famous monarch, watched a Horrible Histories episode before planning and writing a biography about her life.





Alongside our TTRS weekly times tables test and our arithmetic tests, we spent the half term focusing on fractions.  This included; mixed number and improper fractions (converting them), sequencing fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, adding and subtracting proper fractions, adding and subtracting mixed number, multiplying fractions. We applied our skills to reasoning and problem solving lessons – all based on fractions!





We made our annual Lenten promises and discussed how we could resist temptation during Lent.  Linking with ‘Lizzie and the Birds’, we spent time reflecting on what makes a good friend and the qualities we need to show we are good and loyal friends.  We wrote Friendship poems in our RE books and decorated them beautifully.  Lots of our RE time during the half term was taken up with our preparation for our Easter Play, ‘Good News’.  This was a huge success as we told the Easter Story in an unusual, yet highly effective way.  The play involved lots of acting, singing and musical instruments.  We had five children who were spectacular soloists and two very entertaining donkeys (two of our boys!).  Everyone played a huge part in making the performance a great success.




The topic for the half term was The Victorians – everybody enjoyed this topic thoroughly and were very enthusiastic during the lessons.  We learnt about Queen Victoria’s life and her family.  We discovered many of the inventions that are still used today were in fact created during The Victorian Era. We also learnt about healthcare and the changes that The Victorians brought about which have influenced medical practices today.




Our topic this half term was Living Things.  We revised the basic parts of the plants, which children have learnt in previous years and then focused mainly on the parts of the plant which are vital in producing new plants.  We also learnt about the pollination process of flowering plants and how important insects, the wind and seed dispersal is in this process.




Linking to our World Book Day theme, we carried out some observational drawings of regular garden birds.  The artwork produced, was of a very high standard.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury