16 April 2019

Spring 2                                                                  


We had a fantastic end to the half term with all of our amazing Year 3's earning their Shining Star treat.  Well done everyone, we can't wait for our next one! 




The children have thoroughly enjoyed their topic on Ancient Egypt this half term and so a lot of our creative writing and comprehension work has been based on this too.  We have written about Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and even had to solve an Ancient Egyptian murder mystery by becoming journalists and creating our own newspaper reports.


World Book Day was an enormous success and we were blown away by the fabulous bird costumes that the children wore for the big day.  We were so lucky to have a visit from the author of Lizzie and the Birds,  Dawn Robertson, who gave an inspirational talk to the children about how she develops her ideas for her stories.  Dawn was particularly impressed with the work the children had produced about her book, which included spells, playscripts and even designs for supernests! 




This half term we have looked at statistics, concentrating on pictograms and bar charts. The children have learned to interpret data that is presented in these formats, as well as learned to present their own data in a variety of ways.  


We then moved towards the topic of measurement, concentrating specifically on length and perimeter.  It was important for us to refresh our understanding of how to use a ruler correctly before we began to calculate the measurement of different lengths and then the perimeter of basic shapes.  A tricky part of this topic was learning to convert different measurements in order to calculate total lengths.  The children have worked very hard in order to remember how to convert mm, cm and even m in order to accurately answer the questions that were given.  




The Egyptians topic has been a huge success!  The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about this ancient civilisation and have produced some fantastic work.  They have made their own book marks using Egyptian papyrus and hieroglyphics and have then used this as their design for their own name stamp which we made using salt dough.  They have learned about the different gods that the Ancient Egyptians believed in as well as some gruesome details about the mummification process! We are continuing with this topic for a little longer in the Summer term, concentrating on why the River Nile was so important in Ancient Egyptian life before moving on to our final topic of the year. 




We finished our topic about plants and have started our new topic all about health and nutrition.  We have learned about the different food groups and the types of foods that constitute a healthy diet.  The children have also become dieticians by developing meal programs that are suitable for those with a range of dietary needs such as vegetarians and those with food intolerances.  


Posted by Tracy Bradbury