1 March 2019

Reception: Spring Term

In the spring term, we have been looking at lots of different topics. One of the first topics we learnt about was healthy eating. We learnt about healthy food and eating a balanced diet. We also learnt about doing different exercises and the changes to our body when we do exercise. 

In January, we had a very lovely surprise. We walked to school one morning and saw lots of snow covering our playground. For many of us it was the first time we had seen snow before. Our teachers were very kind and they let us go out to have a play in it. We made a lovely class snowman called Mr Snow Brien! After playing outside in the cold, we were all freezing but luckily, the teachers had some lovely hot chocolate to warm us up again.

Our term has truly been action packed. We have been busy with Internet Safety week, Chinese New Year celebrations, World Book Day and Shakespeare week!

During Internet Safety week we learnt how to stay safe on the internet and that we should always tell a grown up if we are unsure about anything on the computer.

As a part of our Chinese New Year celebrations, the children each made their own dragon mask to wear in our very special dragon parade. They also got to taste some lovely Chinese food in class and had a special Chinese New Year lunch in the dinner hall.

In class, we have also been reading the book Lizzie and The Birds, which is a story about a little girl who makes friends with lots of different birds. We each made our own bird decoration and we wrote a magic friendship spell so that we could make lots of friends just like Lizzie in the story. For World Book Day we decided to dress up as characters from the book. This was really funny as we usually have to wear our school uniforms to school. We also had a great time visiting the Book Fair and reading many new stories together.

In March, Shakespeare Week kept us very busy. In reception, we learnt about Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We learnt about all of the different characters in the story and we even made our own fairies and fairy houses for them to live in. On the Thursday, we had another fantastic day dressing up as different characters from Shakespeare’s plays our costumes all looked fantastic!

Towards the end of this term, we will be learning about pets, spring and new life. We will be looking at the different pets we have at home.  We will also be learning about the story of Easter including Pancake Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Holy Week.  

Posted by Tracy Bradbury