28 February 2019

Spring 1


We returned to school following the Christmas break full of confidence and ready to learn!


We met our new class toy – “Harry the Hedgehog” and found out that at the end of each day, Harry, will choose a different child to go home with.  We learnt that Harry chooses children who love to look at books and that each day he will be looking out for children investigating the books in our reading corner. The children have loved sitting with Harry in our reading corner and lots of children have now taken Harry home to share a book.


We began the term with a new topic – “People who help us” and our role play area was turned into a Baby Clinic. We began our new topic with an “emergency” in the classroom. Our class doll had a poorly arm and needed a bandage. Luckily we managed to get an appointment in our baby clinic straight away and she is now fully recovered! We had lots of fun dressing up as doctors and nurses and making appointments on the telephone. We shared a fabulous rhyming book – “Ness the Nurse” by Nick Sharratt and we impressed our teachers by spotting lots of rhyming words.


We were so excited when it snowed at the end of January and we had a fabulous morning playing in the snow. We then created some lovely collages of snowmen and snowflakes to display in our classroom. We shared a lovely book, “A Little Bit of Winter” by Paul Stewart. In the story, “Hedgehog” asks his friend “Rabbit” to save him a little bit of winter whilst he hibernates. We were challenged to help “Rabbit” with his task and we used all of our senses to find out about winter. We talked about the clothes we need to wear in winter and made sure our class teddy bear, Bertie was wearing his hat and scarf.


We had great fun celebrating Chinese New Year. We used the internet to find out how Chinese people might celebrate this occasion and we made beautiful Chinese Lanterns to decorate our classroom.  We did our own special “Dragon Dance” all through the classroom and round the playground and had great fun making lots of noise with drums and tambourines. Our favourite part of the day was being able to taste some Chinese food. The noodles were delicious and using chopsticks was lots of fun!


 In RE we began learning about the life of Jesus by listening to stories from the Bible. We enjoyed listening to the story about the time that Jesus scolded the grown-ups for telling the children to go away. We learnt that Jesus loved children and that made us feel very special. We listened to the Bible story about Jesus healing the paralysed man and decided that Jesus was a very kind person. We talked about how we can kind, just like Jesus and we created a beautiful display to show how Jesus inspires us.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury