13 February 2019

Spring Blog


How times flies!

It’s hard to believe that it has been 6 weeks since we started back after Christmas. When the children did start back in January they all seemed a lot more grown up and taller!

We started the year with the Epiphany Mass in the Junior Hall. The children always really enjoy taking part in the masses and are becoming more familiar with the songs.

For the Hall displays this half term the children looked at people who inspire us. We chose Saint Peter and St Paul for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed learning about their lives and thinking about how they are inspirational people.

The children have also been busy preparing and performing their class assembly for parents. Class 3 took the theme of Friendship and Class 4 focussed on Love.

At the start of February the children learnt about ways to stay safe when using the internet as this was Internet Safety Week.  


In English the children have looked at the poem Macavity. They really enjoyed listening and joining in when sharing the poem in class. They liked playing the role of a police officer when writing a police report about Macavity. Keeping with the cat theme, we then moved onto Slinky Malinki, which is another poem. When looking at Slinky Malinki the children were able to practise possessive apostrophes and commas in sentences.

The children have enjoyed listening the the story, The Fox and the Star and looking closely at the way the illustrated has created the pictures in the book. From this the children wrote a factfile about foxes and also retold the story.


This half term the children have continued to look at the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. They have also been signed up to Times Table Rockstar so that they can continue to practise their table knowledge at home.

When learning about division, the children have learnt to divide by sharing and grouping and also how these relate to the times table facts.

For the topic of statistics, the children have looked at how to create a tally chart, pictogram and bar chart. When looking at these, the children have also had experience of interpreting the information on the different charts to ask and answers.


The children have looked at plants. They did a hydroponic investigation to find out what plants need to grow. They were amazed to discover that plants can grow without soil. During this investigation, they kept their own ‘Bean Diary’ showing how their bean seeds changed over time.


This half term we have been looking at different miracle stories from the New Testament. WE have looked at The Ten Lepers, Jairus’ Daughter and Feeding the 5000. The children have rewritten these stories and discussed what we can learn from these stories.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury