13 February 2019

This half term has been a very busy one for Y6. We have been preparing for the Young Voices concert for a long time and finally we got the chance to show off our voices and our moves at the Manchester Arena on Monday! We had a fantastic time and hope the parents who were able to come enjoyed it too!

We have been studying Ernest Shackleton this half term and have learnt a lot about his struggle in the Antarctic. We have written letters to apply to go with him, a biography of him and either a diary entry or an entry for the captain’s log. We feel like we have actually been on the expedition with him!

Along with all that writing we have looked at the conditions there, we have researched the clothes available nowadays compared to what Shackleton’s team would have worn and we have conducted experiments concerning ice and blubber.

In maths we have done lots of work on Fractions, learning how important it is to change the denominator before adding or subtracting them. We have also become more confident in multiplying fractions. Recently we have learnt how to plot coordinates over four quadrants and are developing our skills in translating shapes across coordinates. As we move closer towards our SATs tests we are trying to learn or become more confident with a new maths skill each week. As a result of this we have seen our weekly arithmetic test scores go up! This fills us with confidence and pride.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury