13 February 2019

Spring 1


It was lovely to see the children come back from the Christmas break, happy and excited to get started on their new topics. This half term has seen both Class 7 and Class 8 have their class assemblies. Class 8 were first up and had their main focus on the conservation of our oceans and beaches. Class 7 focused their attentions on looking after habitats in particular the rainforest. It was great to see so many parents at both assemblies and we thank you for your support.
In Maths this half term the children have had a clear focus on multiplication; looking at their 11 and 12 times tables, multiplying three small digits and long multiplication and division. By the end of Year 4 the children are expected to know all times tables by heart. We hope that Times Tables Rockstars is aiding their learning well. The children have also been introduced to area as well as starting to look at equivalent fractions.

In Literacy the children have been learning how to plan for writing effectively ensuring their first drafts are a high standard. The children have written a detailed and descriptive piece of writing based on the book ‘Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp’ by Phillip Pullman. They have also been learning about various suffixes and prefixes both in lessons and in weekly grammar lessons. The children have also started looking at how to use an apostrophe for contraction and possession of singular and plural nouns.

In Religion our focus has been Jesus the Teacher. We have looked at the Jewish faith and how they celebrate mass, learning about the objects if importance within a synagogue. The children have also learnt about the presentation of Jesus in the temple. The children re-told this story using a storyboard and produced some lovely work.

In Science the children have been working on a new topic: Habitats. The children have shown a real interest in this topic so far. They have learnt about various different habitats and the animals that live within them. They have also learnt about the adaptations that animals make in order to survive in certain habitats. We have looked at rainforests in more detail with the children making a fact file of what they learnt. This also goes hand in hand with our new class novel The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.

This half term has seen a focus on Geography within our topic lessons. The topic we are currently looking at is Volcanoes and Earthquakes. The children have looked at the structure of the Earth and learnt about the different layers within our structure. We have also looked at Volcanoes and their structure as well as speaking about how they formed. The children will continue to look at this topic, paying close attention to tectonic plates and how hills and mountains are formed.

In P.E. this half term the children have been learning how to dance. Both classes have been given a song to which they must choreograph their own routine, working in small groups. The children have enjoyed learning various new moves as well as understanding rhythm and timing.
We look forward to carrying on our learning next half term and hope that you all have a lovely half term!

Posted by Tracy Bradbury