13 February 2019



This half term we have looked at Poetry and Non-Fiction texts linked to our Geography topic of South America.  The children have written some superb poetry about The Amazon Rainforest and have done a Non-Chronological Report on an animal from there too.  They were also given a South American country and in pairs researched it using books and the internet.  The work that the children produced was outstanding and will be on display for you to see at Parents’ Evening.  Our class novel has been ‘Journey to the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story and have been gripped by each chapter.





The half term began learning about Perimeter and Area.  We then continued with the topic of Multiplication and Division.  Within this topic the children have learnt the formal written methods for long multiplication (2, 3 and 4 digit numbers multiplied by a 2 digit number).  For division they have divided 4 digit numbers by 1 digit number.  For each section, the children also applied their knowledge to complete work on reasoning and problem solving and completed a consolidation test.





In RE for the last half term Year 5 focused on Inspirational People.  They thought about the qualities a person would need to have in order to be inspirational.  Following this discussion, the children wrote about three people they know, whom they feel are inspirational.  Through the unit, we learnt about two inspirational people (not that well known) and used their stories to produce our current hall displays.  They were Josephine Bakhita and Fr. Damien.  The children were very creative when they were asked to work in pairs to invent a ‘charity’ which would make them inspirational. 




The children were thoroughly immersed in our South America topic.  They were amazed to learn that some of the products we have available in this country, started life in South America – we apologise if they went roaming through your coffee supplies or fruit bowl to find South American products! Using atlases, the children were able to identify countries and capital cities of the 12 countries and 2 territories on the continent.  Learning about The Andes and producing their ‘fact mountains’ was enjoyed by all.  These will also be on display for you to see at Parents Evening.





Our topic this half term was on Forces.  Both classes also went to Loreto in Altrincham for a Science afternoon.  During the afternoon the children used a variety of equipment to separate different materials.  They all thoroughly enjoyed it and their behaviour was superb.




Again linked to our South America topic, the children designed and made Brazilian Carnival masks (these will also be on display for you to see at Parents’ Evening).  They are bright, colour, glitzy and fabulous.  We are very proud of their efforts.



Posted by Tracy Bradbury