13 February 2019

Reception: Autumn Term


In September, the children were very excited to start school. At first some children were very nervous but everyone soon settled in to their new Reception classes and got to know each other.


During this term, we have been very busy. As part of Michael Morpurgo week we looked at the book, Where My Wellies Take Me. The children were very excited to bring their wellies in to school and we went on a very fun welly walk around the school.


As part of our Once Upon a Time topic read the story of The Magic Porridge Pot and we learnt a magic song to help make the porridge cook. We decided to see if the magic song would really work and we made our own magic porridge which tasted yummy! During this topic we also had some special visitors to our classroom who left behind lots of different clues. The children used their measuring skills to figure out that our visitors were Jack and the Giant who left behind some beans and a beanstalk in our classroom. We learnt about the lifecycle of the bean plant and even decided to plant our own beans to see if they would grow into beanstalks.


In week three of our first term, we began phonics lessons. We started to look at different letters and sounds and even practised writing some of them!


In October, we had our school photographs taken. We had to walk very sensibly over to the Junior Hall. It was very exciting to see where the big boys and girls work.


This term we also began work on our Art Exhibition. The theme for this year’s Art Exhibition is women who changed the world. This year Reception 1 decided to look at the work of Author Julia Donaldson and Reception 2 chose to learn about Beatrix Potter. Each class will be


At the end of the half term we began looking at seasonal changes and introduced the topic of autumn. We learnt all about the different celebrations that take place during this season and enjoyed learning all about the Harvest Festival, Halloween and Bonfire night.

We thought about how the weather gets colder in autumn and, we observed the changes to our outside environment when we went on an autumn walk around our school.


Reception 1 and 2 were also very lucky to go on a special school trip the Stretford Library. We walked very sensibly all the way to the library and when we arrived there we were able to have a look around. During our trip we learnt all about the library and how we can borrow books using our new library cards.


This term we have also been thinking about the Centenary of the First World War. The children learned all about the poppy story and why we wear poppies and we learnt about the different roles of men and women in the war and the food they ate.


After half term, we began learning our Christmas Nativity songs and then we received a special part in the play. We spent lots of time practising at home and at school and we even got to do a special dress rehearsal for our Year 6 Buddies.  We also welcomed two very cheeky Christmas elves into Reception, Buddy and Buttons who got up to lots of mischief in our classrooms.

Towards the end of this term, we have been very busy with our Christmas preparations. We put up our class Christmas tree, made Christmas cards and Christmas decorations and we even joined in with Christmas jumper day and had a delicious Christmas dinner. At our Christmas party, we were also very lucky to have a surprise visit from Father Christmas in our very own Santa’s Grotto!

It has definitely been a very busy term for everyone in Reception but we had a great time and we hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


Posted by Tracy Bradbury