23 January 2019

Wow, what a busy term we have had! 

In September, the children settled in to their new classes really well. It was nice to get to know the children and to take them through the expectation in Year 2. As the leaders in the KS1 building they have really risen to the challenge and responsibility of being the role models to the younger children. 

At the end of September, the children enjoyed the extra languages homework set for the European Day of Languages and also taking part in the language challenge in which that had to try to guess the language stickers worn by the teachers. Bonjour! Hola! DzieƄ dobry!

The Year 2 children were excited to visit Stretford Library. During the visit, the children were able to become members of the library and borrow a book. It was a great morning!

Just before the half term holiday the Year 2 worked hard to perform an assembly to celebrate Harvest. It was a lovely occasion and gave the opportunity to be thankful for the wonderful things we have. The children were also able to help those people who are less fortunate by donating food to the Cornerstone Charity and Stretford Foodbank. 

After the half term holiday, the children learnt about Remembrance, particularly knowing that this year was the 100 year anniversary of the end of WWII. It was lovely to take the children to visit the Cenotaph in Stretford and leave their own collection of prayers. 

This year’s Art Exhibition was focussed around inspirational women. Class 3 worked hard to produce a lovely piece of work inspired by Agent Fifi, a female spy during WWII whilst Class 4 looked at the work of Maria Telkes, a famous inventor who developed the first solar panelled heating system. 


In English the children have done work based on the Roald Dahl story, George’s Marvellous Medicine. They also enjoyed looking at The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo that was a new author to many of the children. From watching a lovely short animation, entitled La Luna, the children worked hard to up level their writing to make things more interesting for the reader. The Worst Witch Book was a lovely book which the children enjoyed reading and were able to get a lot of ideas from it to help them with their writing. 


A lot of time has been spent on Place Value at the start of this term. The children have been taught to represent numbers in picture format using rods and cubes as well as with digits. From here, the children used this idea to help them with addition and subtraction calculations. Towards the end of the term the children have focused on multiplication and learning the different vocabulary associated with it.  We have also spent time looking at money. As well as recognising the different coins, the children have been taught to add and take away using money giving real life situations. 


The children have looked at different materials in Science and the properties of these materials. They have explored why some materials are more useful for certain task than others are. During the term they have carried out different challenges and experiments using the correct vocabulary for Science. They ended the term with a lovely experiment set by Father Christmas as they were asked to find the best way to dispose of excess candy canes!


In the first half term the children focussed on the Old Testament stories and became familiar with a few of them, eg Daniel and the lion’s Den, Moses. We looked at these people being chosen by God and explored the reasons why God has chosen them and how God spoke to them. Moving into the second half term the children learnt about the Mysteries of God and thought about what God looks likes as well as what Heaven is like. They learnt about the Holy Trinity as well as the Nativity story and what it means for us today.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury