20 December 2018



This half term we continued our work on the author Michael Morpurgo and read ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’.  From this book, the children wrote pieces of creative writing - including a letter and narrative piece.

The children also looked at a number of SPaG activities, which included modal verbs, relative clauses, past tense, pronouns, dictionary work and the use of commas in lists.





The half term began with the topic of Multiplication and Division.  Within this topic the children learnt methods to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000, Statistics – reading a range of information tables and answering questions on them. They learnt about factors and multiples of numbers, square numbers and cube numbers.  For each section, the children also applied their knowledge to complete work on reasoning and problem solving.





In RE for the last half term Year 5 focused on The Ten Commandments.  We discussed why they were important, what we gain from them, how to keep them in the world we live in today and making the right choices.  Both Year 5 classes performed their Class Assemblies this half term.  Class 10 remembered the soldiers of WW1 and dedicated their assembly to the Centenary of WW1.  Class 9 focused on Advent for their Class Assembly – the importance of preparing for the birth of Jesus and remembering the true meaning of Advent and Christmas.  Thank you all for supporting the children.




The children enjoyed learning about different time zones around the world and why we have them.




Our topic this half term was on Mixing Materials and their properties.




We prepared our Art work for the Art Exhibition.  Class 9’s was based on the inspirational woman – Emmeline Pankhurst and Class 10’s was based on the equally inspirational woman – Malala Yousafai



On behalf of all the teachers and teaching assistants in Year 5, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Posted by Tracy Bradbury