27 November 2018

Autumn 1

We've had a wonderful start to our year in the Nursery class.  We spend the first few weeks exploring our new environment and finding out about all the toys that we have in our Nursery - there are lots and lots!  We particularly enjoyed playing in the sand and water trays and making things with the sparkly play dough.  We met our class teddy bears, Bella and Bertie and were very excited to find out that sometimes we would get to take the teddy bears home with us!  We also found out about our "carpet rules" and learnt that we need to use our "listening ears" and "looking eyes" when we are learning.


Our first topic was "All About Me" and we painted some fabulous self-portraits using paper plates.  We used a mirror to look carefully at our faces making sure we used the appropriate colours for our eyes and hair.

We enjoyed listening to the traditional stories, "The Three Little Pigs" and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and had great fun re-enacting the stories in our role play areas.  We also made our own little pig houses using lots of different collage materials.


We loved collecting Autumn leaves for our "investigation station" and created some lovely Autumn leaf collages during our topic about the season of Autumn.  We learnt that lots of celebrations take place during the Autumn and we painted some amazing bonfire and firework pictures.


In RE we have been learning all about God's wonderful world.  We read the story about how God created the world in which we live and we thought about how we should all look after God's world by being kind to each other and looking after all the plants and animals.  We also learnt that God loves each and every one of us and that we are all very special to HIM.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury