9 November 2018

We have been very busy this term working.

We have learnt a lot about life in the trenches in World War I. We had an immersion day where we read letters, looked at pictures, watched TV clips and tasted food that the Tommies would have eaten such as stale bread and condensed milk, ‘Bully Beef’ and stale biscuits. Some of us even put our feet into squelchy mud to gain an insight into the conditions that the Tommies faced.






We enjoyed reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, but it was sad at times and we wrote very moving poems from a horse’s point of view.

Alongside WW1 we have been learning about coasts, erosion in particular. We had a very interesting and blustery day at Thurstaston where we were able to see real-life examples of erosion. We also enjoyed getting very muddy and wet whilst searching for crabs.

In Numeracy we have been recapping place value, 6 digit numbers and decimals. We can now round numbers and are more confident with the written methods for the four operations.

During RE lessons we have learnt about the Kingdom of God and how important it is to answer our invitation. We looked closely at the story of the good shepherd and the lost sheep and thought about what it means to us.

Both classes have enjoyed leading their class assemblies in front of the juniors and parents.

In Science we have been learning about electrical circuits. We have had the chance to make different types of circuits and how to represent them in circuit diagrams. We are also able to analyse why a circuit might not work and how we can rectify it.

In Music lessons we are busy learning the words of the songs for Young Voices.

Posted by Tracy Bradbury