7 November 2018


Autumn 2


This half term has seen the children put a real focus and emphasis on their fantastic Christmas production. Each and every child worked incredibly hard to memorise songs, lines, actions and dances and as a result produced one of the best performances in recent years. Class eight have also carried on enjoying their weekly swimming lessons which will continue after the Christmas break, kit will be needed for the first Monday back (Monday 7th). Class seven will be starting their swimming lessons towards the end of January.

            In Literacy this half term the children have continued a focus on comprehension, spelling and grammar and writing. Both classes have been enjoying ‘The Creakers’ by Tom Fletcher. The children have developed a good understanding of the story so far and wrote a letter from the viewpoint of the main character. We have also explored Pixar’s short animation ‘The Blue Umbrella’; the children have watched the clip and then focused on writing it up as a narrative. This is done in numerous small sections which can then be pieced together to create one piece of detailed and descriptive writing.

            In Maths, the children have focused their attention to multiplying and dividing by zero, one, 10 and 100. Using various styles of question the children have gained an understanding and knowledge that they can now apply. The varied style of questioning allows them to learn in numerous different manners as well broaden their understanding of mathematical vocabulary. The children have also continued to have weekly times tables and mental maths tests. In certain lessons after the Christmas break the children will be accessing Times Tables Rockstars to aid their learning of the statutory times tables; this will also be the children’s maths homework every week with Mr. Niland and Mrs. Jones setting their class particular sets each week.

            Throughout Religion lessons this half term the children have had a main focus on Trusting in God. The classes have heard various Bible stories where people have had to put their faith and trust in God during difficult times. The children have then explored times they have found tricky or particularly hard situations and learnt that trusting is not always easy, but is something we should have complete faith in. The children have enjoyed their weekly prayer assemblies where a wide and varied range of topics have been covered. Both classes also had their church visit this half term and all children learnt an awful lot from Father Ged whilst there.

            In their topic lessons both classes have continued to learn about the Romans and the Roman Empire. This half term has seen the Celts be introduced and the children have specifically learnt about Queen Boudicca and the Battle of Britain. Both classes have expressed particular interest in this topic and have produced some fantastic work ranging from spectacular storyboards to brilliant fact files. In the next half term the children will be moving on to a different topic.

            On behalf of all staff in Year 4, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Autumn 1


This half term we have enjoyed a trip to Stretford Library.  The children have had the opportunity to register as a member of Trafford Library Service and everyone had the chance to take a book home to borrow.  We now know where to find fiction (if we want to enjoy a story) as well as non-fiction (if we are researching information for our topic). 



This half term we have covered numerous spelling, grammar and punctuation objectives including articles, adjectives, homophones and basic level punctuation.  As well as this we have had comprehension lessons and numerous writing lessons resulting in extended pieces of writing being completed based on our Michael Morpurgo novels and Grandpa's Great Escape.

We enjoyed Morpurgo week which included an exciting University Challenge!  



In Maths, we started by revisiting place value and introducing four and five digit numbers.  Ordering numbers, portioning numbers and negative numbers were also covered.  we have looked at column addition and subtraction up to four digit numbers.  As well as this we have had weekly mental maths and times tables tests!



We started the year learning about States of Matter.  We looked at the properties of solids, liquids and gases, condensation, evaporation and the water cycle. After half term we will be learning all about electricity.  



We have been covering the Bible and will soon be moving on to Trust in God.  We will learn the importance of trusting God and various Bible stories where people obeyed God and put their trust in Him.


Posted by Tracy Bradbury