7 November 2018

Autumn 1


This half term we have enjoyed a trip to Stretford Library.  The children have had the opportunity to register as a member of Trafford Library Service and everyone had the chance to take a book home to borrow.  We now know where to find fiction (if we want to enjoy a story) as well as non-fiction (if we are researching information for our topic). 



This half term we have covered numerous spelling, grammar and punctuation objectives including articles, adjectives, homophones and basic level punctuation.  As well as this we have had comprehension lessons and numerous writing lessons resulting in extended pieces of writing being completed based on our Michael Morpurgo novels and Grandpa's Great Escape.

We enjoyed Morpurgo week which included an exciting University Challenge!  



In Maths, we started by revisiting place value and introducing four and five digit numbers.  Ordering numbers, portioning numbers and negative numbers were also covered.  we have looked at column addition and subtraction up to four digit numbers.  As well as this we have had weekly mental maths and times tables tests!



We started the year learning about States of Matter.  We looked at the properties of solids, liquids and gases, condensation, evaporation and the water cycle. After half term we will be learning all about electricity.  



We have been covering the Bible and will soon be moving on to Trust in God.  We will learn the importance of trusting God and various Bible stories where people obeyed God and put their trust in Him.


Posted by Tracy Bradbury